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    Solar Thermal

    This technology allows to produce domestic hot water in dwellings and in buildings through the use of free energy and renewable coming from the Sun.

    The solar thermal system is used and stated by several years because of their simplicity and their technology reliable and long-lasting investment costs reduced.

    How they work solar thermal systems?
    First of all you should explain the two types of solar thermal systems.

    1) Solar thermalnatural circulation (with the tank above the panels): the liquid contained in the pipes of the solar panels is heated and rises to the top giving way to the heat accumulated in the water contained in the tank.
    These systems are characterized by their small size and easy installation

    2) Solar thermal forced circulation (tank situated inside the house): a pump allows the circulation of the liquid overheated by the sun's rays by the solar panels to the tank.
    These plants are characterized by larger size and installation slightly more complex.

    In this section you can find every kind of accessory for the installation, maintenance, and installation of both systems the natural or forced circulation as solar panels, boilers, accumulation, and much more

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