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Hardware There are 380 products.


Inside you will find the best brands for DIY, gardening,

protective devices, construction equipment, accessories for everyday life e

much more.


  • 3M


    3M technology advances your work or business.

    3M is with you every day. Explore the products within the site and discover ingenious insights

    and the innovative solutions created.

    3M materials will help you solve everyday problems.

  • Agef


    Inside you will find gardening equipment.

    The famous brand is made in Italy and offers high durability and quality.

  • Alubox


    Alubox is an Italian company specialized in the processing of different types of materials, all chosen

    with the utmost attention to quality and resistance over time. Attention to construction details,

    raw materials of the highest quality and love for design are a distinctive element of all

    Alubox products.

  • Arexons


    Since 1925 Arexons has been a great successful Italian company, with products that are history

    of car care and maintenance.

    Inside you will find the wide range of articles of this well-known company.

  • Arnoplast


    ARNOplast - with headquarters and production plants in Rignano sull'Arno, not far from Florence -

    together with the associated company ARNOcommerciale it has conquered a position in the Italian market of

    systems for gardening and agriculture and has come to market its products in

    throughout Europe, in the Mediterranean Basin and in some overseas countries.

  • Arrigoni


    The company, still managed by the family, was founded in 1936 thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit of Giovanni Arrigoni and is based in the province of Como, an area that has always stood out in the textile sector for tradition and high production quality.
    The factories respect the environment: they are surrounded by greenery, do not pollute and do not produce toxic waste.
    Since its inception Arrigoni has invested in research and development. The weaving technologies have been updated and expanded with latest generation flat and Rachel looms, while the completeness of the production cycle allows you to control the quality at each stage of processing: grain, fabric, finishing in the package.
    Thanks to the creativity and availability of specialized personnel, the company is now a market leader in the most qualified and avant-garde sectors, able to provide its customers with assistance, safety, effectiveness, prompt service and reliability over time.

  • Assa Abloy

    Assa Abloy

    ASSA ABLOY, the largest global supplier of intelligent locks and opening solutions, offers security systems that combine design and ease of use. Technologies range from the simplest and most traditional to the most innovative, suitable for satisfying every need for safety, protection and accessibility.

  • Ausonia


    Ausonia is a dynamic and qualified company, very attentive to the needs of its customers and end users, it is able to interpret and anticipate market developments.

    The main company objective is to offer the highest quality of the offer combined with the highest efficiency of services.

    To achieve this goal, the entire company staff works in synergy by combining:

    • a constant presence on the national and international territory;
    • the continuous commitment to research and development of increasingly qualitative products suitable for the current market demands;
    • the maximum availability and the best assistance by qualified personnel ;

    In this way Ausonia has become a reference point and partner of many professionals and is a candidate to become one for all those who want a reliable, modern and qualified company by their side.

  • Beta tools

    Beta tools

    Beta is one of the main companies recognized worldwide for the production of tools. Thanks to its quality and reliability, Beta has opened

    international markets with great success.

    Its vast catalog includes over 15,000 items and ranges from screwdrivers to scissors to drills, trolleys and more.

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  • Blue Bird

    Blue Bird

    The excellent quality of the products offered and a solid and flexible commercial network have allowed the Blue Bird brand to be widely spread throughout Europe, as well as in some Asian and South American countries. a reference company in the European market, Blue Bird has continued to invest in its human and technological resources.

  • Bosch


    For over 125 years, the “Bosch” brand has been associated with cutting-edge technologies and inventions

    pioneers that have made history. They distribute their products all over the world and

    they are active in many sectors.

    This section provides an overview of the industries and products of this company.

  • Fiskars


    Inside you will find numerous articles of the centuries-old company Fiskars, where

    quality and reliability are the keywords.

    Gardening tools, snow tools, irrigation items, scissors

    various types, DIY products and much more.

  • Verdelook


    The Verdelook company presents you a complete line of brushes and brooms for outdoor garden or domestic use made of natural or synthetic material with wooden or plasticized metal handle.

  • Makita

    Makita power tools, drills, screwdrivers

  • Insecticides


    On this page you can find a wide range of products suitable for the protection of environments against insects.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 380 items
Showing 1 - 12 of 380 items