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        PACETTI brand

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        PACETTI brand

        Pacetti has been a company present for over 50 years on the heating market, offering various solutions.

        Among the wide range of products they offer plate exchangers, hot water tanks, technical water tanks, dirt separators and customized items.

        Pacetti plate heat exchangers are mainly of the type that can be inspected or brazed according to the individual needs of use.

        Pacetti storage tanks and production of domestic hot water, on the other hand, are to be used in combination with boilers, solar panels, heat pumps, stoves and thermo-fireplaces, and allow to satisfy high demands for domestic hot water both in terms of quantity and contemporaneity.

        Another product, as mentioned above, are the Pacetti buffer tanks, to be used in heating and / or conditioning systems. The company has various standard or customizable models. Hydronic kits with inertial storage to be used in refrigeration systems or in combination with heat pumps.

        Lastly, the dirt separator filters were designed by Pacetti to eliminate impurities and sludge present in the heating system circuits, protecting all the components present from damage and premature wear (boiler, heat exchangers, motorized valves, pumps, etc.) .

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