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        FUJITSU brand

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        FUJITSU Inverter air conditioners and heat pump

        Fujitsu one of the best known names in the summer air conditioning field with its high quality production and breadth of range

        Fujitsu offers summer and winter air conditioning systems with inverter heat pumps with extremely high performance and Japanese quality.

        in short an overview of Fujitsu products and technologies

        Monosplit air conditioners are the best choice for air conditioning your home, combining at the same time high efficiency and inverter technology for significant energy savings.

        Often homes require air conditioning several rooms: to want comfortable areas both in the sleeping area consisting of one or more bedrooms, and in the living area consisting of kitchen, living room or a large living room. To meet your need, you can rely on single-split air conditioners consisting of an outdoor unit connected to a single indoor unit of sufficient power to air-condition the room in which it will be installed.

        The monosplit is always equipped with its own control system that allows you to choose the various operating modes: hot, cold, dehumidification and ventilation, set the desired temperature, fan speed, etc. With this choice, to air-condition several rooms, it is necessary to install more monosplits, and the outdoor units will occupy a certain space in front of the house or confined to a dedicated area.

        Quick achievement of comfort
        The exceptional air distribution system allows you to quickly reach optimal comfort conditions in air-conditioned environments.

        Powerful mode
        This mode brings the air conditioner to maximum power, for a maximum of 20 minutes, in order to quickly reach the required comfort condition inside the room.

        Maintenance temperature 10 ° C
        The 10 ° C temperature maintenance mode prevents the temperature of unoccupied rooms from dropping excessively.

        Quiet mode for outdoor unit
        For special acoustic quality requirements, the user can further reduce the noise of the outdoor unit by activating this specific function.

        Automatic switching function
        The air conditioner automatically switches from heating to cooling (and vice versa) based on the required temperature in the room.

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