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        MALGORANI brand

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        MALGORANI - Pressure reducers

        Since 1969 it has been producing high quality pressure reducers

        The history of Malgorani Rubinetteria coincides with the history of pressure reducers for water with piston operation. In the 1950s Vittorio Malgorani began the production of pressure reducers with the piston system he invented; from his experience develops the great Malgorani tradition in the production of pressure reducers and articles for thermo-hydraulic systems.



        Rubinetteria Malgorani has always aimed to offer products of the highest quality; for this purpose there is a continuous development of the various products in terms of raw materials used, processing and assembly methods.

        The company's quality management system is ISO9001: 2015 certified, and numerous products are approved by leading certification bodies.



        Pressure reducers are apparently relatively simple devices, but to function correctly they require a complex study, high-tech machinery, careful processing and special assembly methods.

        Made in Italy

        Made in Italy

        Today, like yesterday, ours is a company focused on totally Made in Italy production. The products are designed, processed, assembled and fully packaged in our Colazza factories using components and materials of Italian origin, to guarantee the highest quality.

        Products processed by the Malgorani company that you can find on this page

        Pressure reducers for water PN16 - PN25 - PN40

        Anti-water hammer accessories, expansion vessels, pressure gauges etc.

        Self-cleaning filters, magnetic filters and spare cartridges.

        Components for thermal power plants, power supply units for heating systems, dirt separators, safety valves and air vent valves.

        Brass fittings

        Float valves

        Water meters

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