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    MONACOR - Audio Systems

    the Monacor brands

    The MONACOR ® brand is a symbol of professional safety technology with a fair relationship between price and performance. The range includes cameras, lenses, monitors and accessories, among other things. It is in the development of digital video and audio recording that MONACOR ® has made a name for itself. But also the sound system with 100V audio output is found in the program. Evacuation systems, mobile sound systems and loudspeaker systems - the application possibilities are practically unlimited. Technical assistance and high quality standards ensure long-lasting operation.

    - IMG Stage Line

    DJ-Tool and equipment for the show

    The IMG Stage Line ® brand has guaranteed professional sound and lighting techniques for over 20 years. A large assortment of powerful amplifiers, modern microphones, excellent lighting systems and many other tools thrill entertainers all over the world.

    IMG Stage Line ® offers the equipment not only for large sound systems, but also prepares tailor-made solutions for the semi-professional sector as well as for highly innovative mobile systems.

    - Carpower

    Car HiFi

    From the start, the CARPOWER® brand had the courage to try out new power ranges. In 2000, the brand started with the state-of-the-art RAPTOR-12 subwoofer. Since then the brand has been able to establish a strong position in the car audio landscape, with continuous new developments in the top of power amplifiers, as well as among subwoofers and speaker systems.

    wide range of products :

    Mixers, amplifiers, Microphones and headphones, Loudspeakers and Hi-Fi, Cables, Connectors, Lights, Stage effects, Stages and structures, Visual Installation, Power supply, instruments and components, Security, Hi-Fi cars, Spare parts.

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    Showing 1 - 12 of 5603 items