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        VIEGA - Hydro-thermo-sanitary systems

        an overview of the company

        A family business

        In 1899 Franz-Anselm Viegener founded a family business, writing the first pages of the success story that characterizes Viega. It all began with the production of taps to be sold to local breweries. But the company grew rapidly, consequently expanding its offer: at first with the brass drains, then - by opening the first associated plant - with the line of welded fittings for copper pipes and polymeric material products for the sector. sanitary. With the introduction of the Profipress system in the mid-1990s and the invention of the SC-Contur safety device in 2000, Viega revolutionized the market twice in a row. And it continues to do so today.

        A world market leader

        Today Viega is the world market leader, with ten locations around the world, over 4,000 employees and a wide range of products for every aspect of installation technology. Despite the exceptional progress made, we have managed to retain the values that have distinguished our company from the beginning and which, together with our employees, are the decisive force that drives our success. For this reason, we study refresher and training programs not only aimed at improving the company as a whole, but also at making every single employee grow. Because, as always, we have not limited ourselves to thinking in the short term, but we have an eye towards future generations.

        As the world market leader, we at Viega shoulder our responsibilities. This is why we are particularly committed to the essential issues of the sector, we actively collaborate in the drafting of rules and regulations, we organize seminars to disseminate our knowledge and do everything we can to expand our fields of expertise. The challenges we face every day allow us to grow and mature together with our customers.

        Sanitary water quality

        Maintaining the quality of domestic water is a core competence of Viega. Our work in this field, in fact, goes far beyond the simple development of products and the use of the right materials. Sanitary water is a particularly precious commodity and, for this very reason, it is strictly controlled and monitored. Consequently, it is natural for us to support our customers in safeguarding the quality of sanitary water, with 360 ° assistance and dedicated seminars, so that they can use our innovative solutions by correctly putting the acquired knowledge into practice. As in the case of products equipped with the Hygiene + function, which help to avoid stagnation and critical temperatures in sanitary water systems.


        Viega sets new standards in the sector with constant research and attention to design inside and outside the wall. As part of the rinsing technique and the drains and siphons line, we create technically advanced products that stand out as a market reference. Over 100 design awards speak for themselves and impress as much as the clean and elegant lines of our products.

        extract from the manufacturer

        Product overview:

        Line of piping systems / line fittings

        • Profipress
        • Profipress G
        • Profipress S
        • Prestabo
        • Megapress
        • Megapress S
        • Megapress G
        • Sanpress Inox
        • Sanpress Inox G
        • Sanpress
        • Fonterra radiant system
        • Threaded bronze fittings
        • Fittings to be welded

        Line of piping systems / line fittings

        • Viega eco plus
        • Viega Mono
        • Control plates for toilets and urinals
        • Display command plates
        • Spare parts and accessories

        Drains and siphons line

        • Columns and siphons for bathtubs and shower trays
        • Siphons for washbasins and bidets

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