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    Solar thermal Junkers -Bosch

    Junkers is a company recognized worldwide for the production of heating systems. Among the various products, find the line of renewable energies and dedicated to the solar thermal.

    Zero greenhouse gases, zero particulates, zero pollution: this is what is released into the atmosphere from a solar thermal plant for the production of hot water through the effective exploitation of solar energy.

    Solar thermal is one of the most intelligent and effective for the production of heat. The energy collected by the solar collectors is stored and used for the production of sanitary hot water and for heating support.

    Junkers offers both solar-forced circulation, representing the best solution for those who live in cold climates, both the solar and natural circulation, ensuring the maximum power in any weather condition.

    In this section you will find collectors, vacuum tubes, boilers, buffer tanks, and other accessories Junkers for the installation of solar systems.

    The solar thermal Junkers is characterized by a very low maintenance, are the ideal solution to save on the cost of hot water.

    All the products enjoy government incentives in force.

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    Showing 1 - 9 of 156 items