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        Solar thermal Ati di Mariani SRL

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        Solar thermal Ati di Mariani SRL

        Ati is a company specialized in the production of solar thermal and, in particular, have 3 linne.

        Discoterm is a solar panel to accumulate the direct and natural circulation, with tank 135 litres vetroporcellanato and magnesium anode. And is certified for resistance to low temperatures (up to -20°C).

        Totem is a solar panel in the floor and represents a great novelty. Easy to install, and furnish your home with elegance, allowing the production of hot water free of charge and with the minimum of space. Also it is to accumulate direct and natural circulation.

        Discosol is a solar panel storage direct is able to warm up to 200 litres of domestic hot water with possibility to integrate an optional kit for the insertion of electrical resistance. DISCOSOL can also be used as a supplement to your existing system.

        All the products of Ati di Mariani SRL enjoy government incentives in force.

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