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        Air conditioners and heat pump Samsung

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        Air conditioners and heat pump Samsung

        Samsung, a world reference in the sector of production of machines for heating and not only offers its range of eco-sustainable through the systems heat pumps for air conditioning and also heating.

        The heat pump Samsung it is capable of producing water and air heated or cooled by a single outdoor unit. The system air/air reaches quickly the desired temperature, while the system air/water provides hot water to radiators, underfloor heating system and sanitary ware. This technology is affordable and environmentally friendly is housed within an external unit and, therefore, represents the ideal solution for environments where space is limited.

        The heat pump systems Samsung, powered by 3/4 by renewable energy and 1/4 from the electrical energy, allows to offer the maximum energy savings in each residential area, with a power peak of up to 16kW.

        All of the machines Samsung are equipped with inverter technology to achieve maximum energy savings, maximum silence and offer the possibility to be used both for cooling, heating and production of sanitary hot water.

        All the products in Samsung enjoy the government incentives and regulations.

        One of the main series is the heat pump EHS, technological, innovative and time in obtaining the maximum energy savings.

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