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        Heat pumps and air conditioners Aermec

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        Heat pumps and air conditioners Aermec

        Aermec, the world-wide reference in the sector of production of machines for the heating, it proposes, in a perspective of smart and eco-sustainable systems heat pumps for air conditioning, production of domestic hot water and also heating.

        The heat pump systems Aermec, fed for 3/4 renewable energy and 1/4 from the electrical energy, allows to offer the maximum energy saving in each part of the installation, from residential to commercial and even industrial companies, offering sizes ranging from 1 to 2000kW and not only.

        All the machines Aermec are equipped with inverter technology to achieve maximum noise reduction, maximum energy saving and offer the possibility to be used both for cooling, heating and production of sanitary hot water.

        Also Aermec produces both heat pumps air-water (like most of the chiller) that air-to-air (such as air conditioners), for every type of esignza.

        All the products displayed on the Aermec enjoy the government incentives and regulations.

        One of the most important series is the heat pump ANKI, technological and time in obtaining the maximum energy savings.

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