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    Air conditioners and heat pumps Ariston

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    Air conditioners and heat pumps Ariston

    Ariston, Italian reference worldwide in the field of heating, it proposes, in a perspective of smart and eco-sustainable systems heat pumps for air conditioning and also heating in general.

    The heat pumps Ariston represent a technological system, and applicable in large buildings, offices and homes, based on energy, free, renewable and in many cases that are inexhaustible, for example the air, they allow a great saving in fuel consumption and allow you to reach a high energy efficiency.

    The heat pump Ariston, through a closed circuit of pipes regulated by valves and heat exchangers, is capable of transforming the power taken from the outside, from the air or from the water, into thermal energy, which is then used to heat the air that will be introduced in the house, and possibly the hot water, in the case of a system with an attached storage tank to perform this function.

    All the machines Ariston are equipped with inverter technology to achieve maximum noise reduction, maximum energy saving and offer the possibility to be used both for cooling and heating.

    In addition, Ariston produces both heat pumps air-water (as most of the heat pumps for heating) air-to-air (such as air conditioners), to meet every type of need.

    All the products displayed Ariston enjoy the government incentives and regulations.

    One of the most important series is the heat pump Ariston NIMBUS, innovative and time in obtaining the maximum energy savings.

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    Showing 1 - 9 of 126 items