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        Heaters Gas

        The convector heaters, gas-fired (natural gas or lpg) allow for the heating of the environment through the warm air.

        The main advantage is that within individual convector heaters you may not circulate any liquid that can freeze if the temperature drops below zero. So in the winter they can be left off without problems, unlike the radiators and fan coil units that must remain to a minimum, or emptied together with the heating system.

        This factor makes the convector heaters suitable for medium to small and the second mountain houses which are used only in short periods of the year.

        In heaters in fan coil units, is that the heat creates fairly quickly, so the heating is rapid, almost immediate.

        The convector heaters they do not require maintenance, apart from cleaning all of the parts that can be subject to become clogged and are not likely to disperse the discharges harmful that can saturate the internal environment (such as stoves) and also a possible gas leakage of the circuit would discharge the gas to the open air.

        The heaters are available primarily with attacks on the wall with combustion systems room-sealed or forced draught.

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