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    Expansion vessels

    The expansion vessel is a hydraulic component that has the function to contain the sudden variations of pressure of the circuit, avoiding surges and water hammer, which would otherwise be absorbed, with the potential for damage, from the plant.

    Its constructive logic is sometimes referred to simply as the "lung" that is, the inflatable membrane which acts as a chamber of air, which, however, is only the central element of the vessel.

    The main uses of the expansion vessels, are:

    • In the domestic boilers, to compensate for variations in pressure due to difference of temperature or to an abrupt change in the flow
    • In the cooling circuits of the automobile, also here to compensate for the effects of thermal expansion.
    • In irrigation systems, both to avoid the water hammer and also to facilitate the adjustment of the pressure via a pressure switch that controls the motor of the pump.

    There are 2 types: expansion vessels closed expansion vessels open.

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