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        Brand ZEHNDER

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        Brand ZEHNDER

        Zehnder includes companies all over the World and is the leader on the market for over 100 years for the construction of the radiators and the production of components for the controlled mechanical ventilation.

        The products from Zehnder can be classified in 4 macro-areas: Heat emitters design, Comfort ventilation for climate living, Systems of heating, air-conditioning, ceiling and Clean airsolutions.

        The emitters of design, Zehnder per the bathroom, and the living spaces make the house not only warmer, but also more beautiful.

        While the comfort ventilation with heat recovery ensures a healthy indoor climate in an efficient way from the point of view of energy. Promotes the well being of the occupants and increases the value of the property.

        The systems of heating, air-conditioning, ceiling Zehnder, instead, warm up and cool down in a comfortable and efficient from the energy point of view. They are perfectly adapted to the respective environmental situation.
        Finally, Clean air solutions to reduce the dust content of the air and cleaning operations, and creates a climate of living more healthy.
        Within the page are listed all the products belong to the series described above.

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