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    Tecnosystemi is a company in a short time become one of the most important companies in its sector, an industrial reality in constant expansion. In recent years, technological innovation and constant research on materials and manufacturing techniques, have made Tecnosystemi a prestige brand and a world reference.

    Tecnosystemi produces a wide range of specialized products and diversified, the result of a great team work, collaboration, research, tests and experiments.

    Thanks to the passion, the will and the confidence in the research that characterize Tecnosystemi, technology, design and originality of the products and accessories are combined with the goal of providing easy solutions and intelligent, offering more quality and less installation time.

    Tecnosystemi has divided its production into 8 different sectors based on the range that you need.

    Smart climate - The range professional most complete range of accessories for air-conditioning.
    Apply the air - A range of air barriers realized with the aim of reducing fuel consumption and safeguarding the environment. - addressed to the installers and designers who want to create systems VMC value.
    Galaxy - Systems, The management of the temperatures in the home and in the office has never been so simple!
    Project Wind - to Create the ideal climate and well-being in the home and in the office is possible thanks to our wide range.
    Toolsplit - A complete line of instruments and tools for air conditioning and refrigeration.
    Showgas - A complete range of products and accessories for the heating.
    PV Power - quality Accessories for the fixing of the photovoltaic panels.

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    Showing 1 - 9 of 129 items
    Showing 1 - 9 of 129 items