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    Brand PEDROLLO

    Pedrollo is an Italian company that is recognized throughout the world for the production of pumps in constant growth that every year has the construction of over 2 million pumps.

    Among the features of Pedrollo stand out are the quality and the reliability requirements are certainly important from a commercial point of view, yet also simple expressions of a higher value that has always inspired each and every activity of the company: the respect for the man, the key ring of each stage in the production and management.

    But the quality of the pumps Pedrollo are also given by the technology. In fact, the activities of research and development activities, not only affect the final product, but also apply to machinery and processes that are implemented in the production phase. The skills required on both the engineering and the technological are in fact so high as to require, in many cases the direct construction of machines for the production. It is also the nature of the numerous patents filed - original and exclusive - to obtain the maximum protection through the implementation of internal processes, machines and systems.

    This "centralization of production also has a positive impact on the overall quality expressed by the company because it allows a level of control and guarantee superior, not only on the finished product but the entire production chain.

    All this attention results in numerous and large orders that the company receives from every part of the world, you can implement those economies of scale that make the final product at the same time profitable for the company and within the reach of the customer.

    In this way, thanks to its corporate policy, the high quality of the products and to the high investments in research and development, Water is able to market its pumps, extremely reliable and of high quality, at a fair price and is also accessible on the markets in the most disadvantaged areas of the planet.
    The success that the Water gets all over the world is also explained by the great capacity of innovation supported by constant research and by a strong commitment in the development.

    The most important innovations relate to the processes of extraction and handling of the water, which put obstacles of various nature, which require solutions that are always more original related to electronics, mechanics and the use of advanced materials.

    These efforts are primarily directed to technical improvement of the installations, but not only.
    As the Italian company Pedrollo, has an eye for design, constant improvement to make it more attractive and eye-catching.

    The wide range of pumps manufactured by Pedrollo can be enclosed in 4 main categories: surface pumps, submersible pumps, submersible pumps and accessories.

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    Showing 1 - 9 of 614 items