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    RIVER - the water Taps for the community

    A leading company in the production of taps and fittings for communities, large kitchens, faucets for bathrooms etc

    Products overview:

    Taps and fittings for Communities

    • Thermostatic mixing valves anti-scald for centralized systems
    • Valves anti-condensation
    • Shower heads with vandal-proof, energy-saving
    • Reducers to flow with fixed setting
    • Temporized taps
    • Temporized taps vandal-proof
    • Shower panels vandal-proof stainless steel
    • Columns, shower, and foot baths vandal-proof stainless steel exterior
    • Electronic faucets with photocell vandal-proof
    • Taps foot
    • Taps foot with device for continuous delivery
    • Faucets and thermostatic mixing valves recessed in the floor
    • Jets
    • Wash basin pre-assembled ready for installation in stainless steel
    • Electronic coin
    • Electric hand dryers
    • Distributors of liquid soap
    • Taps and mixers with lever for the disabled
    • Commands to the platform for the disabled
    • Mixers for W. C. with the function of the bidet for the disabled
    • Idropulitura of the W. C.
    • Taps thermostatic anti-scald

    Taps for professional kitchens

    • Hob
    • Series Maxi
    • Classic Series
    • Series Active - Active3 - Active6
    • The Set of pre-washing with special measures
    • Thermostatic taps and electronics for kitchen sink

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    Showing 1 - 9 of 620 items