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      Brand name FERRARI There are 8588 products.

      FERRARI realization products for the market in the thermo-hydraulic

      A leading company in the production and distribution of material for the market in the thermo-hydraulic.

      A full range of high quality components for the construction of systems which supply gas, water, heating and smoke evacuation, air conditioning and air treatment. Over 10,000 articles have been carefully selected for security.

      Catalog Exhaust Flue n°8

      Includes approximately 2000 articles for the exhaust flue, condensing, stainless steel tubes and hoses, aluminium pipes and porcellanati, components, coaxial and double aluminum boiler and various accessories.

      Products for air conditioning

      The catalogue includes a selection of products for climate control such as air conditioners with heat pump without outdoor unit, monoblock, evaporative portable air, air conditioners, mono,dual and trial split with the outdoor unit, air barriers, and accessories.

      Product Selection Boiler

      The catalogue includes a selection of products for the boiler, the neutralizers of sour condensate, anticalcari, dafangatori, filters and fluids for heating systems.

      Ventilation systems and controls of the air

      The catalogue includes a wide range of articles dedicated to ventilation systems and the control of air, such as fans, vacuum cleaners and accessories.

      Catalog Conditioning

      The catalogue includes a wide range of articles for a proper and fast installation of air-conditioning systems as conduits for coating pipes, shelves for split, air barriers, pumps, condensate drain, insulation, grills, coated copper plumbing tubes, conduits and various accessories.

      Catalog products for the community

      New buying Guide to 2017 - Product for the community And' possible to download the new selection of products dedicated to the community: coolers, food, towels and a hairdryer, and liquid handwash.

      Catalog thermal power plants

      The catalog includes items necessary for the construction or retrofitting of thermal power stations. Contains the flow patterns, the main legislative references and technical data sheets of the products that are commonly used.

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      Showing 1 - 9 of 8588 items