Baxi hybrid systems

Baxi hybrid systems

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Baxi Hybrid Systems

Baxi, a leading company in the production of machines for the heating, has a wide range of articles, including hybrid systems.

These systems allow you to produce efficiently and with great energy-saving heating, domestic hot water and even cooling.

They are formed by the merging intelligent, a condensation boiler and a heat pump, which can be further a solar panel.

The hybrid system,in the event of adverse weather conditions, in which the contribution from renewable sources of the heat pump is not sufficient to cover needs, the system does intervene, the gas boiler condensation, ensuring thethe comfort is always guaranteed throughout the year and in the most efficient way.

In addition, the hybrid system has a high reliability, because, depending on the situation, to ensure the most appropriate technology without any of the interruptions of the system.

The electronics of the hybrid system manages the various energy sources in the most efficient way regardless of the temperature of the flow request (e.g. mixed areas) and the external weather conditions, choosing from the different available sources.

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