Immergas hybrid systems

Immergas hybrid systems

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Immergas Hybrid Systems

Immergas is one of the leading companies in the field of production of heating. Among its wide range of articles, you may notice the hybrid systems, perfect conditions to facilitate the realization of heating and cooling system in new residential homes that fall within the provisions of D. Lgs. 28/2011 on the use of renewable energy sources in construction.

But not only that, they are also suitable to be installed in replacement of the boiler, already present in homes.

Hybrid systems Anyway are designed hydraulically and electrically to match the condensing boiler and the heat pump and optionally also to the use of solar thermal energy, reduce the space installation for use in systems, providing solutions with high energy savings.

This system allow you to the production of systems for heating, production of domestic hot water and also cooling system in perfect synergy according to the guidelines of D. Lgs. 28/2011 (on the use of sources of renewable energies).

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