Beretta hybrid system

Beretta hybrid system

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Beretta Hybrid Systems

Beretta, one of the leading companies in the heating industry, in its wide range of articles presents its hybrid system.

This system is capable of coordinating a condensing boiler combined with a heat pump and sometimes even a solar thermal system with forced circulation.

The hybrid system allows to produce efficient heating, cooling (thanks to the heat pump) and hot water, and can handleone or two areas of the plant independent of using hydraulic units equipped with circulation pumps modulating low power consumption, and mixing valves are motor-driven.

Thanks to the new intelligence system, which gives priority to renewable energy sources, allows to reduce fuel consumption and emissions, without neglecting the comfort.

The hybrid system Beretta is the ideal solution in the cases of energy efficiency retrofits, new installations and new buildings because it can comply with the restrictions imposed by the legislative Decree 28/2011 about the percentages of coverage of needs with renewable sources.

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