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    BOSCH - JUNKERS Systems for Heating and air conditioning

    By September 2018, the unique know-how of the historic brand Junkers, who was, for more than 100 years offers millions of people warming solutions simple and reliable, and will be integrated in the approach of Bosch reinvented the heating products and their design.

    Through the capacity of innovation of the Bosch the best of two worlds is combined in a well-known brand, so our technology thermotechnical will make your life even easier.

    Under the Bosch brand to our equipment, solutions related and design, will continue to respond to all your needs in terms of top quality and simplicity of use, both today and tomorrow.

    Junkers belongs to Bosch since 1932 and has always been one of the brand's most well-known to insiders in the market of heating: switch from the brand Junkers at Bosch, it means to merge traditional manufacturing and innovative technologies, as well as associate to further our products to a company like Bosch is known worldwide in almost 60 countries.

    In this way, both the sector operators and the general public users will be able to count on the knowledge of the Bosch brand, which brings with it a unique guarantee of quality and reliability: Bosch has always been a reliable partner not only in terms of the quality of the product but also with regards to the services and customer care.

    The technology of the appliances Junkers will remain the same, with the elements that are the guarantee of our boilers, water heaters and heat pumps the maximum performance and ease of use, but further enhanced by a new logo and a revamped design.

    So you can take full advantage of the technological advantages from the other divisions of Bosch in order to propose solutions even more efficient and economic, that will seamlessly integrate in your projects.

    Bosch offers a wide range of products for the comfort in summer and winter :

    The range of condensing boilers, water heaters, heat pumps and temperature control units Bosch offers not only the most technologically advanced systems, but also objects aesthetically fascinating and exclusive, able to adapt to any style, giving a further touch of refinement to any living environment. If, therefore, before these devices were confined in lockers, closets, or hidden corners, and now, on the contrary, they can make a good show of themselves in all freedom in every environment.

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    Showing 1 - 9 of 575 items