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LOWARA pumps and Electric Pumps

One of the companies of reference in the production of pumps and Electric pumps.

Lowara offers a wide range of products to suit every need.

Product types discussed:

Electric submersible pumps ( submersible pumps for wells 4-inch, SCUBA close-coupled submersible pumps, submersible pumps aisi 304)

Pressure groups (Fire-fighting sets with the modular Groups of the variable speed pressure, pressure Groups, at a constant speed)

Variable speed pumps (Drives for single phase motors, the Hydrovar sensorless control Device for pumps, Resiboost intelligent system for residential applications)

Single-Stage Pumps ( Self priming pumps, stainless steel centrifugal Pumps, coupled Pumps, peripheral Pumps)

Multistage Pumps (Horizontal centrifugal electric pumps, multistage Pumps, submersible Pumps )

Pumps for drainage and sewage ( Diwa submersible pumps for dirty water, drainage Pumps for dirty water, submersible Pumps for dirty water Domo submersible Pumps for water charges, DOMO GRI submersible Pump chopper, Doc submersible Pumps for dirty water DOMO submersible Pumps.

Pumps for heating

Command and control panels pumps

Water treatment

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Showing 1 - 9 of 5374 items
Showing 1 - 9 of 5374 items